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Kickoff Session: September 2, 2015: "Remeber the Touchstone" Commitment Ceremony

Session 1: October 7, 2015: Forget Perfect; Find Optimal

In life we are often presented with challenging circumstances and high expectations where our capabilities are put to the test and perfection simply isn’t feasible.  Limited time and resources and high expectations can lead to high stress and poor performance. The mindset of highest performers in all walks of life is one that lets go of perfectionist tendencies and seeks to find optimal quickly and consistently. The ability to learn from mistakes, to adapt, and make good decisions about what to do better or differently is essential for reducing stress, developing a growth mindset, and maximizing our potential for excellence.

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Session 2:  December 2, 2015:  Playing and Being Present

 “Wherever you go, there you are.” This age-old wisdom seems so simple and obvious. And yet when we think about, we often realize that in fact, wherever we go, we’re someplace else! We often worry about the future or the past, what someone said or didn’t say, what someone did or didn’t do. We may be physically present, but our minds are often focused on anything and everything but the very task before us. In sport and in life the ability to play present is all about “controlling the controllables” moment to moment, most especially one’s attitude and effort. Playing present requires constant reframing and recovery from losses, mistakes, adversity and hardship. When we play present anxiety is reduced and our love of the game and gratitude for the opportunity grow, and we awaken to the miracle unfolding in the here and now. 

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Session 3: January 20, 2016:  Grit and Toughness

Talent is what you’re born with. Character is what you do with it.  And nobody ever achieved anything without a lot of hard work. Realizing our performance goals takes perseverance, resilience, and old-fashioned toughness.  Research shows that as a predictor of excellence, talent and natural ability are overrated. Grit and toughness, attitude and effort are the secret ingredients.  The relentless competitor will not give up or give in—but they also know how to work smart, not just hard. This session shares important insights into the role of grit and toughness for optimal performance.

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Session 4:  February 10, 2016:  Marv Cook

Guest Speaker Marv Cook

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Session 5:  March 30, 2016: Integrity

If you’re lucky your parents, pastors, teachers or coaches can set a good example and teach you well. But they cannot give you integrity. So too, they met set a bad example but that doesn’t mean you can’t have integrity.  Your integrity is built up (or torn down) one decision at a time, by what you say and do.  Nobody can give it to you, you must earn it. However, nobody can take your integrity away from you either. People can lie about you, destroy your reputation, and accuse you of the worst things, but they can never take away your integrity. We can give away our integrity through bad choices and inconsistency. But nobody can take away our integrity if we’re true to our deepest values and our best self. This session focuses on building up personal integrity one decision at a time.


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