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Football Signup

First off, thank you in advance for your support of Urbandale Athletics, the Urbandale Booster Club and the Football Program.  This fall, the Booster Club is working to help organize event support in an online format.  

All parents are asked to sign up for one shift and any parent that doesn't signup will be assigned to any open shift that remains.  Please remember that volunteering gets you into the event for free and you only have to assist during your assigned shift.  

For 9th and 10th grade, the request is that parents of athletes participating in that event will help during their child's athletic contest.  For 7th and 8th grade, parents of A and B participants can choose to work the game their child is participating in or the opposite game.    

Chain Crew: The chain crew consists of three members; one to mark the original line of scrimmage, one to mark the line-to-gain, and one to mark the current down.  It is expected that if you sign up for a position, you will work for the entire duration of that game.  Please plan to show up approximately 10-15 minutes prior to kickoff to ensure any questions are clarified and you receive proper instructions from the officiating crew that has been assigned to work your child's contest.  

If you are unable to fulfill your assignment that you sign up for or are assigned to, please find someone to take your place.

Please select the link of the date and event that you wish to volunteer and then enter the requested information to register for that event.  

09/03/2019  JV Football

09/10/2019  7th Football 

09/12/2019  8th Football 

09/12/2019  9th Football 

09/17/2019  8th Football 

09/26/2019  9th Football 

09/30/2019  JV Football 

10/01/2019  8th Football 

10/03/2019  9th Football 

10/07/2019  7th Football 

10/14/2019  JV Football 

10/21/2019  JV Football 

10/24/2019  9th Football