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Stay in the Game: Eligibility Reminders

Stay in the Game:  Eligibility Reminders

As spring is here and the number of days left until summer break decrease, here are a few reminders to ensure that you Stay in the Game:


Athletic Rule (Scholarship Rule 36.15).  Students must pass all classes and make adequate progress toward graduation.  If not passing all at the end of a final grading period, student is ineligible to dress for and compete for the first period of thirty (30) consecutive calendar days in the interscholastic event in which the student is a contestant.  There is no requirement that the student competed in the sport previously.  Students in Baseball and Softball have the same penalty as all other students.  The first date is figured as the first date of official competition or the first date in which grades are released.  Students in Cheer and Dance will be handled in Urbandale within this rule (Board Policy 510) with their “season” commencing the first day of each semester or in accordance with the actual sport season in which they are participating.

Music/Speech Association Rules.  Outlined in the Constitutions of the Iowa High School Speech Association (IHSSA) and Iowa High School Music Association (IHSMA).  Students must pass all classes and make adequate progress toward graduation.  If not passing, a student must sit out thirty (30) calendar days from the point in time when grades are released or the first thirty (30) calendar days of the semester.

In addition, Urbandale High School students must take and pass 4.0 credits to remain eligible each semester. 

Reference Iowa Administrative Code 36.15 and Urbandale Community School District Board Policy 510.


  • Any student, whose conduct either in or out of school, is such as to make him or her unworthy to represent the Urbandale Community School District shall be declared ineligible to participate in co-curricular activities by the administration.
  • These rules apply to students both during and outside of the regularly scheduled season or activity period.
  • The commission of a crime under any governmental law or ordinance except laws and ordinances regulating the use of motor vehicles under which a violation is classified as a simple misdemeanor will be grounds for review relative to the co-curricular eligibility code.  A determination relative to eligibility may be made without regard to whether the student is prosecuted or convicted of such crime by other authorities
  • Included in this policy is the use, consumption, possession or distribution of alcoholic liquor, wine, beer or any controlled substance.  Furthermore, presence at a function where such substances are served illegally to minors shall also be a violation of the Eligibility Code, even if the student does not consume the substance.
Reference Urbandale Community School District Board Policy 510.

Students must attend classes at least one half of a student’s day to be eligible for practice or a game.

This is defined as:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Friday (Non-Block Day) – students must be in school for periods 5,6,7 & 8.
  • Wednesday (Block Day) – students must be in school for periods 6 and 8.
  • Thursday (Block Day) – students must be in school for periods 5 and 7.
The Activites’ Director will handle exceptions on an individual basis.  Prior communication by the student should be completed whenever possible.  Examples of common exceptions include scheduled medical appointments, college visits, and funerals.
Reference Urbandale Community School District Board Policy 510.

Outside Athletic Participation

Students wishing to participate in non-school sponsored athletics during the same interscholastic high school sports season must obtain the written permission of the Activities Director prior to competing outside of Urbandale.  Students should submit requests in writing no less than thirty days prior to the event and communicate with the Head Coach regarding the situation.  Coaches retain their authority to consider the amount of participation time for a student based on the student’s commitment to the school-sponsored activity.

Although approval is not required for competition out of season, when it conflicts with another school activity, students should communicate with the coach/director in season as soon as possible regarding any missed practice/contest time.
Reference Urbandale Community School District Board Policy 510.

Participation Against Intercollegiate Athletes

Scholarship Rule 36.15(2) h, prohibits high school students from participating and/or training with or against college athletes who are representing their collegiate institution or as part of an event sanctioned or sponsored by a collegiate institution. Nothing in the rules prohibits a high school student from participating in a one-time tryout with or against members of a college team with permission from the member school’s administration and the respective collegiate institution’s athletic administration.

If there is any question whether something is permitted or not, seek permission first from the Activities Director.

Reference Iowa Administrative Code 36.15(2)