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2018 Tri-Star Award Recipients

2018 Tri-Star Award Recipients

The Tri-Star Award was presented on Tuesday night between the Girls and Boys Basketball games to members of the Class of 2018 that have earned a Varsity letter in three or more sports in their high school career.

This year's recipients, totalling 14 are:

Adam Banwell                     Football, Wrestling, Boys Track     

Drew Dabney                       Boys Cross Country, Boys Basketball, Boys Track     

Ben Daumueller                   Football, Boys Track, Baseball       

Emily DeDoncker                Volleyball, Girls Tennis, Softball   

Ben DeKruyf                        Boys Golf, Boys Basketball, Baseball           

Henry Drake                         Football, Boys Basketball, Boys Track          

Kati Heller                             Girls Cross Country, Girls Basketball, Girls Soccer    

Jordan Henderson               Girls Bowling, Girls Tennis, Softball             

Parker Middleswart             Boys Golf, Wrestling, Boys Bowling              

Chris Miller                           Football, Boys Basketball, Boys Track, Baseball

Grace Rempe                       Girls Cross Country, Girls Track, Girls Soccer            

Semir Sehic                           Football, Wrestling, Boys Track     

Skyler Shellmyer                 Girls Cross Country, Girls Basketball, Girls Track, Softball

Emory Widlowski                 Jaywalkers, Girls Track, Girls Soccer