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Drive to Enhance Athletics

Drive to Enhance Athletics

The Urbandale Booster Club is asking for your assistance in ensuring that our students, coaches, and programs have the support they need to be successful.  One of the great things about our school and our community is that we have always been able to ensure that our students and coaches had what they needed to be successful on the field, pitch, court, lanes, track, course, or diamond. 

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As we are sure you have recognized, the need to upgrade your personal technology is nearly an annual occurrence.  Our programs are no different.  We need to upgrade our video equipment, along with the devices we use to manage that equipment and utilize it to help students.  In addition, there are software packages and programs out there that would be beneficial to utilize as our coaches prepare throughout the different seasons.  It’s also important to note that is funded by the Booster Club annually to highlight student and team accomplishments.



HUDL is widely used to store and share video.  Currently, this online platform is used in Football statewide by all coaches, Volleyball, Boys and Girls Basketball, and Boys and Girls Soccer, all within the CIML.  Coaches are required to upload all game film to this website and then it is available for self-review and scouting purposes.  It’s also proven to a be a great recruiting tool for students as they develop highlights and share it with prospective college coaches.  It’s important to note that while this is free to our students, the annual cost to the school is nearly $10,000.00.


Strength and Conditioning Equipment

While there has been recent discussion about a new strength facility at Urbandale High School, our current needs never seem to change.  We need to continually update and purchase new equipment and we need to add equipment to enhance our ability to help students get stronger and faster.


Live Streaming

In the fall of 2016, we launched J-Hawks Live, providing a live web stream of home varsity events.  To date, we have provided our community and the web community with free, live video of athletic and some performing arts events.  Our plan is to continue this moving forward and we plan to continue to offer this free of charge.


J-Hawk Foundations         

J-Hawk Foundations is currently in its fourth year.  Through a partnership with The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University and the Institute for Excellence and Ethics out of New York, this program was started to enhance leadership and citizenship amongst Urbandale High School athletes and students in activities.  This program is unique to Urbandale High School and is believed to be the only one of its type in a high school in the United States.

Again – one of the great things about our school and our community is that we have always been able to ensure that our students and coaches had what they needed to be successful.  We need your assistance today to help continue to make that a reality.
Our goal is to raise $20,000.00 to support our programs.  Please consider a tax-deductible donation today through the Urbandale Booster Club.  Your support will be recognized with a thank you letter annotating your donation and a sense of personal pride, knowing you helped students at Urbandale High School.  Thank you for your donation.