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Large Group State Speech Contest Results

Large Group State Speech Contest Results

The Large Group State Speech Contest was held on Saturday, February 3, 2018, at Waukee High School.

Results for Urbandale Groups are shown below:

Groups that received a 2 Rating were:

Group Mime (The Game of Pie) -  Sydney Crowley, Logan Ingraham


Group Improvisation - Logan Dodds, Lindsey Ingraham, Olivia Sobek.


Groups that received two 1s and a 2 with an Overall 1 Rating: 

Musical Theatre  (Rent)- Isaac Bleich-Sisco, Hannah Kuehl, Bryson McGowan, Barnaba Wilondja, Erin Valle, Isabel Daza, Kenny Flory, Megan Eastwood.

One Act (The Internet is Distract...Oh Look a Kitten) - Abi Fisher, Kenny Flory, Jenna Brady, Delanee Ensley, Katie Campbell, Emma Kellogg, Zach Hodgson, Leah Ingraham, Kyel Peterson, Jacob Sammon, Julia Gyure, Cadence Wilder, Anna Kerr, Lydia Burg, Emily Guzman, Devin Ensley, Hailley Stolarz.

Ensemble Acting (Regina Flector Wins the Science Fair) - Delanee Ensley, Audrey Krukow, Leah Ingraham, Sanketh Narmnada

Group Improvisation - Isabel Daza, Sarah Richardson, Madison Pulica

Musical Theatre (Into the Woods)- Jenna Brady, Olivia Sobek, Madison Pulica, Kaecee Topolinski, Lydia Burg, Jonah Larsen.

Groups that received straight 1s with and Overall 1 Rating:

Ensemble Acting (Almost Maine) - Jonah Larsen, Anna Perdue.

Musical Theatre (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) - Emma Schaben, Kenji Bachmann, Emma Johansen, Audrey Krukow, Julianne Ungs, Logan Ingraham, Jenna Booth, Mahayla Claiser.

Choral Reading (I Was There) - Aleka Hickman, Abi Fisher, Emily Guzman, Jenna Booth, Anna Kerr, Jacob Sammon, Aditya Kotla, Hailley Stolarz, Julia Gyure, Hannah Kuehl, Kerry Munyon, Lindsey Ingraham, Devin Ensley.