Perry Band Olympics Results

Perry Band Olympics Results

On February 17, 2018, Urbandale High School Instrumental Music Department entered 99 events into the Perry Band Olympics Solo & Small Ensemble Contest. 

Performing alongside students from across the state of Iowa, Urbandale’s students earned 52 Division-I ratings.

 The following students were further highlighted against nearly 1000 other entries with these “podium finishes” within their respective categories:



Mary Bergstrom          4th place 9-10 Tuba

Matt Brockway             2nd place 9-10 Multi Percussion Solo

Katherine Koele          5th Place 11-12 Flute Solo

Anne Gage                  3rd Place 11-12 Euphonium Solo

Sera Veeder                 1st Place 11-12 Horn Solo

Reed Andrews             4th Place 9-10 Mallet Solo

Alec Albrecht              5th Place 11-12 Trombone Solo

Erik Ly                         4th Place 11-12 Oboe Solo

Jean-Pierre Namink     2nd Place 11-12 Bass Clarinet Solo

Loraine Koua               1st Place 9-10 Euphonium Solo

Sophi Wilker               4th Place 11-12 Alto Sax Solo

Devin Valle                 1st Place 11-12 Alto Sax Solo

Peter Schumacher       4th Place 9-10 Alto Sax Solo

Emma Schaben           4th Place 9-10 Trumpet Solo



Liveringhouse/Ruden 1st Place 9-10 Unlike Duet