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J-Hawk Foundations

2014 Year in Review

2014 Year in Review

Session 1: September 10, 2014: Focus

Recap: This session was about focus, focusing on optimum performance and the indicators that lead to acheiving this status.  The session touched on self-study techniques that will help students recognize when their focus can be classified as "ideal" or when they could approach things differently in order to get there.

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Session 2:  September 17, 2014:  Follow-up on Focus

Recap:  Guest speaker Sandy Hatfield Clubb lead a follow up session to the September 10th "Focus" topic.  Throughout the session she cited examples of when she has witnessed exceptional focus and why it is vital to attain this skill.

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Session 3: October 8, 2014:  Toughness 

Recap:  This session centered around tough-mindedness, and ways to enhance willpower and grit.  Focusing on your end-goals, what you can control, and on growth and improvement were the three essential cornerstones to improving your willpower.  Being tough-minded is a choice; choose your focus, your feelings, and your response to the tough decisions ahead.

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Session 4:  December 10, 2014:  Carefrontation

Recap:  Matt Davidson addressed the importance of carefrontation, which centered around the development of good leadership skills, communication, and identifying yourself on the leader-to-detractor scale.  Matt stressed the value of ideal performance - meeting the goals of what is expected of you while still the goals and objectives of the team / organization.

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Session 5:  January 14, 2015: Personal Responsibility

Recap:  The leader to detractor scale was revisited this week.  Mark Wills discussed the importance of how personal responisbility affects your ability to lead those around you.  An "Integrity-In-Action" checklist was studied, showing how your decisions can reflect your level of integrity.

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January 21, 2015: Follow-up on Personal Responsibility

This session has been cancelled.


Session 6: February 12, 2015:  Collective Responsibility

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Session 7: April 1, 2015: Continuous Improvement


2013-14 Recap is available here.


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