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Athletic Performance Training

Mission Statement:

To promote a year round lifting program for all students athletes to use and make gains in their prospected sports. 

Our goal is to create hard working, fun, and safe environment for athletes to improve their strength and speed levels, as well as to strengthen muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons to reduce the risk of injury.


Online Registration:

The 2020 summer lifting schedule is now availableOnline registration is now available.  Please contact Coach Traynor ( with any questions.



Our primary focus are on the Big Four Lifts: Hang Clean, Back Squat, Bench Press, and Push Jerk.  Secondary, we use assisted pull movements such as Clean Pull, High Pull, and Snatch Balance to improve specific movements within in Hang Clean and Push Jerk, and Front Squat to improve our Back Squat and Hang Clean.  Thirdly, the incorporation of auxiliary lifts to improve core strength, hamstring strength and flexibility, and shoulder strength are included as well.  The movement breakdown is stated below:



Bench Press

Incline Bench Press

Military Press

Close Grip Bench Press

DB Bench Press

DB Incline Bench Press

DB Military Press

Lower Body Auxiliary Lifts:

Bar Lunge

Reverse Bar Lunge

Glute Hamstring Developer

RDL (Bar and Band)

Weighted Good Mornings 


Circuit #1 –

  1. Front Raise
  2. Side Raise
  3. Bent Over Fly Raise
  4. Military Press

Circuit #2 –

  1. T Raise
  2. V Raise
  3. Bent Over Fly Raise
  4. Military Press


Back Squat

Front Squat

Overhead Squat

Split Squat

One Leg Squat


Pull Movements:

Upright Row

Bent Over Row

Band Face Pulls

Curls (DB and Straight Bar)



Invert Rack Row

DB Row

Core Work:

Sit-ups, Rocky Sit-ups

Crunches, Side Crunches

Suitcases, In and outs

Hip Rockers, Leg Raises

Scissors, Flutter Kicks, Bar Twists, Blanks –Side, Front, Six Inchs, RC Sit-ups, Supermans, Back Extensions 

Olympic Lifts:

Hang Clean

Power Clean

Push Jerk

Hang Snatch

Push Press




Testing Exercises:

We test each lift an the end of each training session.  We use the Husker Power formula, which computes a One Repetition Max, when athletes rep out at a certain weight. (W x 0.03 x R + W) 

Example: Athlete A Bench Press 225 lbs for 5 repetitions.

                                                230*0.03*5+230 = 265

We have developed a 1000 lbs Club, 1100 lbs Club, 1200 lbs club, 1300 lbs Club, 1400 lbs Club, and 1500 lbs Club using the four exercises’ one repetition max totals:

            Hang Clean

            Back Squat

            Bench Press

            Push Jerk

Example: Athlete A Hang Clean = 250, Back Squat = 345, Bench Press = 265, Push Jerk = 300, Athlete A would be in the 1100 lbs. Club.

Also, we have White, Blue, and J-Hawk Clubs.  These clubs are based off of athletes’ body weight comparing to the one repetition max totals:

            Hang Clean

            Back Squat

            Bench Press

                        Example: Athlete A weights 200 lbs, Hang Cleans = 250, Back Squats = 345, Bench Presses = 265, Athlete A would be in the White Club.


  1. Be on Time – Parking in the West Lot – enter through West doors.
    1. (Don’t park on the east side of school)
    2. Be Consistent – 31 total lifting dates.
  2. Communication - Plan ahead, if you are going to be gone, let us know before. 
  3. Respect – We will respect you, you respect us.
    1. Address any Coach in this program as Coach __________.
  4. Listen – When a Coach is talking you are listening.
  5. Safety – follow all safety guidelines
    1. Spotting every lift
    2. Never Sit in weight room
    3. Clean Shoes
  6. Wear appropriate clothing
    1. Shorts, Shirt, Shoes and Socks
    2. All four must be worn at all times.
  7. IPods and other devices – leave at the door or at home.
    1. Bring in music, keep it clean.
  8. Follow the card you are given, unless instructed by a coach.
    1. Use the card, it will help.
  9. If you get something out, put it back when finished.  If you use a 10 lbs plate, put it back where it belongs.


If you come to the weight room ready to work and work hard …

If you take care of your body: train, rest, nutrition. (Complete the triangle!)…

If you come consistently…

If you push yourself…

  1. You will be stronger…
  2. You will be faster…
  3. You will be in better condition…
  4. You will be more competitive
  5. You will be tougher…

Students are encouraged to see Coach Traynor for more details on lifting opportunities.