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District Speech Results

District Speech Results

Urbandale participated in the Individual District Speech Contest in Ames on Saturday, February 24, 2018.

Here are the results from that contest:

I Ratings

Julianne Ungs – Acting

Delanee Ensely – Acting

Logan Boyles – Poetry

Lydia Burg – Prose

Kaecee Topolinski – Prose

Abi Fisher – Storytelling

Logan Dodds – Original Oratory

Laura Parson – Spontaneous Speaking

Varun Vepa – Spontaneous Speaking

Keegan Cottington – Radio News

Kenny Flory – Radio News

Devin Ensley – Radio News

Leah Ingraham – Expository Address

Varun Vepa – Expository Address

Emma Kellogg – Expository Address

Delanee Ensley – Prose

Isabel Daza – Individual Improvisation

Jonah Larsen – Individual Improvisation

Madison Pulica – Individual Imrpovisation

Anna Perdue - Reviewing

Audrey Krukow – After Dinner Speaking

Jacob Sammon – After Dinner Speaking

Isabel Daza – Solo Musical Theatre

Jenna Booth – Solo Musical Theatre

Jonah Larsen – Solo Musical Theatre

Grace Wilson – Public Address


II Ratings

Logan Dodds – Poetry

Katie Campbell – Poetry

Emma Kellogg – Literary Program

Kyel Peterson – Storytelling

Devin Ensely – Reviewing

Aiden Vedder – Public Address